Cosmofon network is so strong that it’s reachable even very deep underwater.
*MIAF Awards Winner(SILVER), Russia 2007; Montreux Winner (GOLD)

Client: Cosmofon

Client: Cosmofon

Telephone poles

We celebrate the new wireless fixed telephony from Cosmofon. And poles are celebrating too. No poles, no wires.

Client: Cosmofon
Brand: ALLO fixed telephony

Gifts directly to your home

Every year Santa makes the world happy. Is there someone who thinks of making Santa happy? Even though it is hard to reach him, Cosmofon brings a present directly to his home.

Client: Cosmofon
Brand: Prepaid


Having free text messages can get you through very difficult challenges.
*Epica Awards Winner(SILVER)

Client: Cosmofon
Brand: Post-paid

Smallest commercial ever

Sometimes, less is really more.


SMS Addiction

Put your fingers into the game!


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