Diamen is superhero who has diabetes. He is also the ambassador of the “Campaign against stigmatization and discrimination of children who have diabetes, and for raising awareness for diabetes”. The campaign was composed of: teaser phase ...

Opening of Alexander the Great Airport Skopje

Ceremonial event for the opening of the new airport in Skopje - Alexander the Great Airport, operated by TAV Airports.

Official event for the opening of the first Johnson Matthey factory in Macedonia.

Official event for the opening of the first Johnson Matthey factory in Macedonia.

Lets help on time

Organization of fundraising campaign for construction of the first emergency and urgent care center for children in Macedonia.

Stobi Barrique hall

Gala event for the opening of Stobi’s Winnerry barrique hall.


Jeans are more than just a fashion detail. Jeans are part of our lifestyle. Jeansomania is a unique event devoted on jeans, where young fashion design students of EURM University, were creating outfit and fashion accessories made out of jeans, for Macedonian Pop celebrities.

Creative distribution of press release

Unconventional way of delivering press release to media, along with personalized portrait of each targeted journalist. The emphasized features on the portrait - lips and eyelashes are communicating AVON Aero volume mascara and AVON luxury lipstick.

Client: AVON

40 years of the yellow boot

Unique anniversary event, including creative lab for the 40 years of existence of the famous Timberland’s yellow boots.

Breast Cancer Campaign

Organization of fundraising campaign for breast cancer 2010.

Client: AVON

„Referees vs. Judges“

Campaign for improved judiciary system in Macedonia. Football match for judges and lawyers, without any roles, demonstrated how the judiciary would look like if the rules are not set right. That’s why changes are necessary ...

“My life in ink” exhibition

Tattoos are more than just traces of ink etched on the skin. They are the most unique and incredibly lively art. The event “My life in ink” is a realization of Diesel’s one of its kind project – exhibition of tattoo photographs of celebrities and regular people.

Brand: Diesel

Cineplexx cinemas in Macedonia

PR and teaser campaign for the official opening of the first “real 3D” cinema in Macedonia.

Regular Diabetes checkups

Campaign for razing the awareness of the importance of regular checkups for diabetes, for treatment and prevention sake.

Picnic at Skopje’s boulevards

Guerilla campaign for promotion of Lukoil’s ecological derivates - EKTO. Eco activists were having quality time picnic on the streets in Skopje, passing the message: ”When cars use eco-fuel, we can as well have picnic on the streets, as in the nature”.

Client: Lukoil
Brand: Ekto

Graduation Ceremony NOVA

Graduation ceremony for the students of generation 2014 of NOVA - International High School in Macedonia

Client: Nova

First FlyNiki flight in Macedonia

Promotion of the first FlyNiki flight in Macedonia, at Alexander the Great Airport in Skopje, having the famous Niki Lauda as a special guest and pilot of FlyNiki’s plane, on the route Viena –Skopje –Viena.

Client: FlyNiki

Holocaust Memorial Center

Organization of the opening event for the “Holocaust Memorial Center in Macedonia”.

First Skopje – Dubai direct flight

Promotion of the first direct flight to Dubai, from Alexander the Great Airport - Skopje.

Client: Fly Dubai

Promotion of the reconstructed St. Paul The Apostle Airport - Ohrid

Official event for the promotion of the reconstructed airport in Ohrid – St. Paul The Apostle Airport, operated by TAV Airports.

Official visit of the Prime Minister of Turkey - Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Macedonia at Frankfurt Book Fair

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